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T-shirt bags, пакеты майка

Simple, inexpensive, but a much-needed service to customers – this offer own branded packaging. Package T-shirt HDPE or HDPE packaging bags – it’s just a godsend for both large and small retail outlets.

Zeus Group will make for you packages T-shirt with the logo of the company and will help buy generic packages in bulk.

Packages shirt today used everywhere. There is not a single person who would not be held in the hands of such products. Most of the disposable packaging, getting to home buyers, gets a second life, and not immediately sent to the trash can. Therefore, plastic bags shirt – useful and effective marketing tool.


Varieties of plastic bags t-shirt

Mike package MON is the packaging products made of polyethylene. Versatile, highly durable and lightweight material, which allows to pack various products, including food. By appointment packages WED come in two types:

  • Mike packages for primary packaging. Such packages are bombarded with cereals, sugar and salt, pasta, packed candies, put the bread. They are placed on racks about self-service fruit and vegetable departments, freezing and other stalls with a variety of goods. Packaging bags MON can be with or without handles, small or large, in rolls or packages with/without perforation;
  • Packages MON for packaging of all purchases. Typically, this t-shirt with the logo of the company packages, which offer their clients the majority of supermarkets. Logo packages serve already as standalone product, they very rarely offer clients free of charge. Ordered these packages in bulk three different sizes: large, medium and small. They differ in both capacity and carrying capacity.

Depending on what packages need logo to a client, the “Zeus Group” offers products with different densities, allowing to choose the size and strength of the package MONDAY. Also packs dual handles can be complemented with a t-shirt and special ears which are fastened among themselves, not giving the package content existence during transportation.


Package t-shirt with logo

Zeus Group company logo prints on bags MONDAY, using modern equipment and proven technology. The image is transferred to a t-shirt package, do not fade, do not iskazitsâ, and will not remain on hands or clothes for your customers.

Order wholesale packages advantageous if you need unique or personalized products. Packaging bags MON or plastic bags t-shirt without company logo can be bought from a warehouse of finished products. Thus you will save time and money.