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Stickers with the logo of the company is a universal product that has a broad scope. You can replace this sticker special product packaging, eliminates the need to order corporate stationery and souvenir, and just use the label itself as a gift.

Zeus Group offers manufacturing company logo labels, stickers with the logo of the order-the ability to create unique branded product.

The modern flexographic equipment allows us to produce large editions of the labels on the order, subjecting them to immediately integrated processing, reducing the cost of the circulation and time on its manufacturing.


What you can order logo labels

In business and business Wednesday meet various situations in which urgently need gifts, souvenirs, requires corporate products or branded paraphernalia. If there is no time to print to order a large and complex print run expensive products, you can order labels and in this way to solve most of the problems encountered:

  • order stickers with the logo of the company for branding model souvenir products;
  • to order logo labels for marking the handout at various events;
  • production of stickers with the logo of the company will help transform standard branded souvenir items. This decision will help at short notice to prepare for promotions and stay within a limited budget;
  • stickers with the logo of the company can be used for corporate purposes, to mark items for Office staff.

This method allows you to save seriously concepts spoofing advertising company budget. Production of stickers with the logo is to buy a model Office and packaging products at wholesale prices, and then quickly and inexpensively to brand it. Production of stickers with the logo is much cheaper than stamping on leather skins diaries. Order stickers are cheaper than individual manufacture notebooks or notebooks. And the result is not worse, but even better.


Order stickers with the logo of the company

Production of stickers with the logo runs in typography Zeus Group on modern fleksografičeskom equipment. This allows bright and enduring image, resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. Label manufacturing occurs very quickly, in one pass of a sheet or roll we carry out a large part of the work, if not all, that reduces the time to print the entire run.

Order logo labels can and on special technology. In this case, they will not just printed and decorated by various methods. One of the most interesting and sought-after solutions-fill resin stickers. You can order labels as souvenirs or exclusive gift products.