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Glass is an essential attribute of our surrounding space. Showcases of boutiques, facades of buildings, window in the floor and ordinary Windows, car window-all potential advertising space, which can be used effectively. Stickers on the glass are designed specifically for this purpose-simply and quickly transform the surface, use it for their own purposes.

Zeus Group produces labels on the glass of the car or on the interior glass.

Print labels on glass is one of the core activities of the company. We have a modern flexographic printing and wide-format equipment, which allows you to create labels on the machine of any size.


Interior decals on glass

Bright and attractively arrange commercial space intelligently organize and direct the flow of customers, focus on a specific department or showcase will help stickers on the glass. On transparent film or color, glossy or matte surface, you can order labels on glass of any size and format. It can be both thumbnails and images and inscriptions on glass.

Print stickers on the glass used for the temporary registration of commercial space and a permanent interior design. It can be informative and cautionary labels, or stickers on the glass advertising character. So sign showcases boutiques, incoming groups of galleries in the space shop, and much more.


Window stickers

Print labels on glass can be deaf and svetopropuskaemoj. This means that through the sticker sunlight can freely come into the room, and may be blocked, eliminating the possibility of natural lighting. It is important to consider in the manufacture of labels on glass.If the window is not used for its intended purpose and function only advertising surface, window stickers can be any. But if the window directly performs its function and used to illuminate the space, then any label that is printed to order, including inscriptions on glass, must be created on a transparent basis.


Stickers on the car glass

Car stickers are also in demand among all similar products. Among the most popular NIH:

  • Sticker on the rear window;
  • Sticker on the car side glass and passenger;
  • Sticker on the car, including the body.

In the manufacture of labels on glass car show increased requirements to quality of the products. As the sticker on the glass of the car shall be resistant to moisture, temperature, mechanical damage, exposure to ultraviolet light. Rear window stickers are often bought by special technology, which includes the stamp image on glutinous composition. This is necessary so that the stickers on the car glass could strengthen not outside, but from within, from the side of the cabin, thereby prolonging the service life of the stickers.

In the manufacture of labels on glass car uses modern methods of printing and technology. In addition to images may transfer a text or numeric information, inscriptions on glass.