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Souvenir packaging, подарочные коробки

Packaging gift boxes-an industry whose services are particularly in demand before big holidays. But in ordinary days, including in the field of business relationships, gift boxes are in demand.

Zeus Group has been manufacturing gift wrap and gift boxes.

We fulfill orders of any complexity. You can order a large gift boxes or buy gift boxes from a predefined range. Henceforth, gift wrapping is limited only by your imagination.


Gift wrapping in Moscow

Buy gift wrapping or gift boxes in Moscow can each client by contacting the Zeus Group. Gift boxes and gift wrapping is presented in our printing Office . You can buy boxes for gifts from the finished product, or make decorative boxes with their own design.

Point of sale and packaging gift boxes in Moscow focus when ordering on the faceless gift boxes and gift wrapping, buy you can absolutely different customers. And here’s a unique gift boxes, you might want to buy those companies who want to make an exclusive gift packaging, providing a company logo or branding. This is an opportunity to amaze your customers, partners, and employees, handing out small gifts, souvenirs and gifts in branded gift wrapping and boxes.


What we manufacture packaging for gifts

Zeus Group serious typography full cycle. We can manufacture any party gift packaging, using different materials. We offer our clients:

  • Gift boxes made of paper, cardboard, leather and èkokoži;
  • Large gift boxes, for example, children’s toys, and gift boxes, for example, jewellery, medallions or hours;
  • Decorative boxes with varying degrees of personalization;
  • Gift wrapping in Moscow with different variants of the décor-ribbons, beads, ribbons, rhinestones.

We offer a full range of services on manufacturing of gift wrapping. From design and selection form, before printing the printing part and collecting boxes. Maybe even manual decoration of each product unit. So choose and buy boxes for gifts, such that you need more easily.