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The thermoshrinkable label is an easy and reliable way to place your products in accordance with the requirements of the law. Even on bottles of unusual shape, which badly kept standard labels, shrink sleeve locks perfectly.

Zeus Group is engaged in manufacture of thermoshrinkable labels on demand.

Here you can order labels on bottles, labels on wine and champagne labels, as well as PVC labels for any product.


The thermoshrinkable label on a bottle

Operating principle here is quite simple. On the basis of a shrink sleeve. He has sufficient size to accommodate around any bottles or boxes. The necessary information is printed on it. This can be text, images, barcodes. When the shrink sleeve is completely sealed and the narezan fragments, inside each of them placed products: bottles, boxes or entire sets.

Then the thermoshrinkable label on the bottle is starting to heat up. Under the influence of temperature labels PVC compressed tightly around the media. When this text and graphic information is not distorted. The thermoshrinkable label exactly the shape of products, regardless of the complexity of the forms.

The problem of selection of labels to custom form no longer exists.

That is why shrink sleeve used to create labels for wine and champagne labels, as well as the labels on the bottles of soft drinks.


Manufacture of thermoshrinkable labels

“Zeus Group” has modern equipment for manufacture of thermoshrinkable labels. We are ready to help any company to make its products more colorful and attractive, as well as more resistant to the environment Wednesday. Manufacture of thermoshrinkable labels uses pet and PVC materials, and these films have a number of valuable qualities:

  • Make packaging more robust and reliable, resistant to physical effects;
  • Conceal flaws;
  • Do not fade in the Sun and protected from exposure to UV content;
  • Resistant to high temperatures;
  • Not afraid of the water, and do not change their appearance.

While PVC labels on bottles sit well and production of any shape and reliably stay in operation. As well as long retain brightness and clarity thanks to the gravure printing method.