Cutting, stamping and other methods of finishing

The original printing products is impossible without finishing. Cutting, stamping and relief can turn ordinary diaries or notepads into presentable and expensive souvenirs. And even the circulation of ordinary business cards turn into a masterpiece.

Zeus Group performs the embossing gold in Moscow, relief and embossing.

Printing embossing or foil stamping can achieve the original 3-d images on any soft and supple enough surface. (A) the use of foil to create additional color layer.

Тиснение, Вырубка, Relief embossing

Relief embossing

In Moscow, the embossing is used for decorating cards, paper and cardboard packages, notebooks, folders, and other printed products. But the price of the entire party during embossing increases significantly.

Relief stamping allows you to create a three-dimensional image on the product. The volume will be present on both sides of the processed page, because it uses a stamp and kontrštamp.

Блинтовое тиснение, Blind embossing

Blind embossing

It is controlled by the deformation of the surface of the material to which you want to move your picture. In this case, you create a template where there is a hollow image, inscription or logo. It is applied to the surface and makes prints. Thus, the image is obtained from the natural texture of the material, and around it produces a smooth, smooth surface.

Тиснение фольгой, Foil stamping

Foil stamping

One of the most popular ways of processing status. On the surface there is not only the imprint of the logo, but also filled with foil-metalized or colored, on request. To expose such processing can be a variety of surfaces:

  • embossing on paper;
  • stamping on the skin;
  • embossing on cardboard.

For each material is selected its technology: hot stamping or cold embossing. Often clients choose gold embossed or embossed in gold foil, but you can use other colors.

Вырубка, Cutting down

Cutting down

Used in the manufacture of any printed products. Lets make some really interesting and unique things. Copyright creative business cards, calendars, booklets, unusual original diaries-cutting possibilities are almost endless.

Zeus Group offers services of cutting down standard stamps that we have in stock and cutting down on original patterns. In this case, the stamps will be manufactured to order.

Along with cutting and creasing services perforations that may also diversify the party your printed products and make it easier for the user.