Screen printing on fabric and silk screening in Moscow

Branding of any souvenir products, packaging and printing is impossible without serigraphy. This particular method of screen printing on a variety of surfaces, which allows you to create a bright and clear images, including full-color.

Zeus Group offers quality screen printing services in Moscow.

We offer maximum operational printing silkscreen printing. Terms of manufacturing circulation-from one day, depending on the complexity, volume and current load of equipment.

Шелкография на ткани, printing on fabric

Serigraphy printing on fabric

Printing on fabric is one of the major use cases of silk-screen printing. Creating ruler branded apparel and branding of various items of clothing for corporate use by using this method. Printing on t-shirts also can be used for the manufacture of souvenir production.

Шелкография на пакетах, printing on bags

Serigraphy printing on bags

Silk-screen printing is used to create batches of exclusive products. This can be melovki packages, packages from design cardboard or paper bags special form or complex design. Silk-screen printing on bags are already on the finished product.

Шелкография на сувенирке, Silk-screen on souvenirs, serigraphy

Serigraphy on souvenirs

Printing logos on the handles, caps, key chains, mugs and other 3-d aways is accomplished by screen printing. “Zeus Group” performs any branding products, turning the faceless stationery original branded Office attributes and amenities.


How printing silkscreen printing

First of all, it is necessary to understand that print silk is virtually handmade. For creating a high-quality image is not a machine and operator. He manually places each printing instance under the roller and monitors the accuracy of applying the stencil imprint. Therefore, prices on silkscreened is much higher than the offset or digital printing method.

The whole process of printing on fabrics or any other surfaces can be divided into several stages:

  • Prepress. Portable image is broken down into color;
  • Stencil production. For each color creates a cliche;
  • Clamp adjusts to the size of the workpiece;
  • Prints the image. At one time only one color, the number of layers depends on the desired saturation and brightness of the image;
  • Intermediate drying. After applying each color need time to paint managed to dry out, only then can you start to print a different color;
  • The final drying. After you print the entire image, the product is sent to the final drying. It can be carried out under natural conditions or under infrared lamps.