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Roll and sheet-fed offset printing in Moscow

When you need to print a large quantity of any product, it will be sheet offset printing. This is an opportunity to get a quality image at a low cost.

Offset printing house in Moscow “Zeus Group offers the best prices for offset printing in.

We have a modern technological equipment, allowing to execute orders of any complexity, print on roll or sheet materials, as well as create full colour print run for one or more runs, depending on the equipment used.


Offset printing capabilities

Ordering offset printing in Moscow publishing house “Zeus Group” you can save considerably, because the bigger the party, the lower the cost per instance.But this rule works only when really large orders. Offset printing in Moscow is suitable for printing:

  • Business printing, from business cards to postcards;
  • Flyers, leaflets and booklets in any format;
  • Calendars;
  • Magazines, brochures and any multi-page products;
  • Any packaging and labels and more.

offset printing

Offset printing in Moscow to transfer on a flat material, both black and white and color. Full color printing is done in one of two ways that depend on the used equipment:

  • In one pass, if your commercial printing service has a colourful machine;
  • In a few runs on a hardware button, if your commercial printing service in Moscow prints on simple classic machines.

Quality and there remains on top. Varies only the dates of performance of the order.

Offset printing in Moscow also distinguish high quality images even in comparison with digital imaging techniques, because it excludes the appearance of pixelation. While technology allows very accurately convey color shades and tints. “Zeus Group offers its clients quick printing. When ordering a rapid offset ready are available for circulation through the day.


Features an offset printing house

Classical offset printing in Moscow is laborious and nebystroe. It is impossible to obtain the finished order after an hour or two. All due to the peculiarity of the process. Sheetfed offset printing requires careful prepress, which includes:

  • Color separations when image is decomposed into 4 primary colors;
  • Proof, when you create a control sample that shows the hardware capabilities and the quality of the entire run;
  • Create forms that are used to transmit the image onto the paper;
  • Preparation of press setup forms and inking;
  • Cvetobalansirovka, brightness, intensity and ink consumption.

That’s why prices for offset printing when ordering large runs are more profitable than when printing small batches. Modern equipment offset printing press allows you to print the sheet and roll materials and then subjecting them to any post-printing processing, including by running over the digital personalization machine or in any other way.

offset printing