Roll flexo printing in Moscow

Print all labels and stickers is done on fleksopečatnom equipment. Production of labels on sheets or rolls is performed in one pass, thanks to the special structure of the machine, which resembles a production line, or pipeline. Label printing is possible only if the application of quick-drying UV inks.

Zeus Group provides services to roll flexographic printing in Moscow, and print labels and label production of any complexity.

Self-adhesive label is used for the packaging of any product, and is also used for marking different instalments. We provide a wide range of flexographic products from a warehouse, and under the order.


The use of roll flexo printing

Printing labels in demand as manufacturing companies, which are engaged in production on its hardware, packaging and labelling of products, and small retail stores, which do not produce, and only sell the goods. Self-adhesive labels may become part of the image of the finished product, if you put the company logo on them, the name and brand of symbolism, as well as data about the manufacturer or same marking utility role play. E.g. rolls of labels and stickers with the price of the goods or the date of manufacture.

Self-adhesive labels can be printed on roll materials or on sheets of any size, as well as subjected to further after-printing processing, for example, perforating or prorubke.

This allows glue labels and stickers manually or you can use the automatic and semi-automatic appliances, for example, etiketciki.

Marketing graphic products too often created using Flex, in Moscow thus print promo chips and stickers, which offer buyers collect shopping malls, gas stations and other businesses trade.


The principle of labelling

Flexo printing of labels is a direct highly-rotary printing. “Zeus Group has modern fleksopečatnym equipment, which allows you to perform even complex orders in a short period of time. Our production line can handle up to several hundreds meters rolled material per minute. While performing not only printing solid colours, but a variety of finishing functions. That is, if necessary, laminating labels and stickers, cutting, folding and gluing are implemented in one pass of the material.

Another indisputable plus Flex is the ability to use a variety of materials-the basics, the type, structure and size, including width and thickness.

Zeus Group uses for flexo printing in Moscow modern equipment of different types, which is more suitable for a specific order. Label flexo printing can be performed on:

  • Deck machines;
  • Machines section type;
  • Planetary machines.

The main advantage of print stations is a modular Assembly. Optionally can be equipped with the necessary line station, adding the functionality of the entire machine.