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Express digital printing in Moscow

When it is necessary for ten minutes to print a small batch of business cards before an important meeting, or during the day to prepare for a presentation or exhibition, offset printing and digital printing special come to the rescue.

“Zeus Group” specializes in providing operational services, digital printing in Moscow – one of the main directions of our activity.

In our work we use modern professional printing equipment. Digital printing can be used to create any printing, it is particularly advantageous when ordering small circulations or proofing.

Digital printing

If so much depends on the qualifications of the personnel and experience of the operator, then it determines the modern equipment and perfect quality digital printing with offset printing order. “Zeus Group” confidently asserts that digital printing shop, which will be printed flyers and printing of business cards to your order, equipped with the latest technology.

Printing digital printing machines operate on the same principle as home printers. Only they are more powerful, productive and better image transfer technology.

The main thing is the difference between digital printing flyers or any other product from the offset printing – is to use the direct method of image transfer.

That is, printing is performed directly from the electronic file to the media or paper. Production of special forms are required.

Hence, a higher rate of circulation of production, as it does not require complex prepress. But higher prices for digital printing, as it requires the use of expensive consumables.


Features urgent digital printing

Offset printing does not require lengthy preparation. It is enough to take a file to be printed by the customer, verify that the image size of the sheet size, and press the Print button. In the case of the order of several tens of copies, the order will be made in the presence of the client. If the circulation is much more – for an hour or more. If you need additional processing, such as digital business cards printing involves the cutting of cards, you need to take into account the time required for this operation.

Digital printing can be performed in Moscow on two types of printing machines. And the “Zeus Group” has this technique:

    • Sheet digital printing machine. It works on the principle of laser printer and allows you to create monochrome or full-color printed products;
    • Large format digital machine. It works on the principle of an inkjet printer is used to create banners, fabrics for outdoor advertising, as well as when ordering interior print.

Bright, high quality and very fast. Therefore, digital printing in Moscow – demanded service among the various categories of customers.