Self-adhesive label

Printing of self-adhesive labels in rolls and sheet
/Self-adhesive label
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Self-adhesive labels-fast and convenient way to quickly mark products manually or using special equipment. For manual application method suitable labels on the worksheet, and for machine labelling-labels per roll.

Zeus Group offers printing of self-adhesive labels on any type of media.

Having our own production labels, we offer both the finished product from warehouses and label printing on demand, or branding information.


Manufacture of self-adhesive for various fields

Mark the batch of goods is easy, if this odd job and a small number of products. If you need to use label stickers every day and for large consignments, such a responsibility can turn into a real routine. Self-adhesive labels can greatly facilitate this task.

Own manufacture, warehouse terminal, a major store or retail chain in each of these areas there is a need to regularly accounting and control products. For these purposes, the “Zeus Group” offers to buy self-adhesive labels.

Price for self-adhesive labels will be higher than on ordinary printed paper labels. But when you consider that by ordering the printing of self-adhesive labels, you no longer have to spend money on consumables such as glue or Scotch tape, as well as significant savings of time, the price for self adhesive labels turns out to be even more profitable than similar products.


Printing labels in roll or sheet

The company “Zeus Group” offers three main types of labelling:

  • Self-sticking labels on the sheet. Products perfect for manual application. This may include the production of different formats including A4 self adhesive labels. On one sheet can be one label, or several, depending on the size of the products;
  • Self-adhesive labels in rolls for standard manual ètiketčikov. They are produced in standard width rolls, which makes them versatile consumable product and greatly facilitates the work of the personnel;
  • Self-adhesive labels in rolls for production equipment. Suitable for companies that have their own production facilities and labeled products in automatic mode. The “Zeus Group” carries out the production of labels on rolls of such sizes that are appropriate for your flow equipment.

Modern equipment that we use for printing of self adhesive labels, allows for one pass sheet or rolled material to perform multiple jobs. This reduces the time for label printing, increases printing quality and lowers the cost of production.