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Quarterly calendar, календарь квартальный

A great souvenir, inexpensive printing, efficient advertising is all about quarterly calendar with the company logo. Wall calendar-required attribute of any Office, public reception or data center. And its significance in the gift fund company generally cannot be overestimated.

Zeus Group prints quarterly calendars and offers to make quarterly calendar for the year 2017.

Order calendar trio decided on the eve of new year holidays, but for any typography is the hot season, when all the equipment and staff are employed to the maximum and are pressed for time. To get more attention to their order and defy last minute time frame, the production of calendars you can run well in advance.


Quarterly calendar 2017

Wall calendar in any case have to acquire for the needs of the Office. Constantly see before my eyes the calendar grid must be representatives of many professions, including accountants, economists, bankers, teachers and doctors. Quarter calendar for this purpose:

  • Quarterly calendar 2017 will always show the calendar grid three months at the same time throughout the year. Therefore, the wall calendar and got its second name-calendar trio. It is indispensable in the long-term planning, as well as drawing up any reports and summaries;
  • Quarter calendar for the year 2017 has a large detailed razlinovku. Each month is presented on a separate sheet. This allows you to see the number of days of the week and even from afar, which is impossible when using ordinary wall calendars;
  • Trio in the calendar every day has its own cell. It not only is a number, but left clear field to add small notes and records. This is a very vivid appearance planinga;
  • When producing quarterly calendars Assembly method sheets each block on spring. This allows you to easily remove out-of-date pages, always maintaining the order in the Office;
  • Production of calendars includes the possibility of equipping products with additional features. On request, we complete calendars special runner who can observe the current day of the week.

Zeus Group offers printing quarterly calendars with any month. We practice making quarterly calendars of classical format, where January is the first month and December is the last. Can also produce student calendars that start with the month of September. If your company fiscal year does not coincide with the calendar, you can order the production of calendars with the logo of the company, starting with the month that you are comfortable.