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Marking of various goods and products is the use of promotional labels. Print stickers on self-adhesive paper makes it quick and easy to make bright accents for the whole batch, without spending on it much time.

Zeus Group carries out the production of sticker and production of sticker-sticker for any organizations.

Sticker label will help you increase sales, bring to the attention of buyers for a particular product, as well as to protect the products against counterfeiting, provide firm assurance and demonstrate integrity package.


Print sticker for various tasks

  • Presentation of the goods to the consumer;
  • Increased sales of a particular product, eliminating storage residues;
  • Promo-actions;
  • Informing buyers about the price of the product using the special sticker-sticker;
  • Warranty sticker will help inform the buyer about the availability of firm guarantees;
  • Protective sticker to prevent the unpacking prior to purchase.


Production of stickers in the Zeus Group

Printing of self-adhesive sticker runs on different bases, using special technology. It all depends on the options for further use of the products. May:

  • Print sticker on self-adhesive paper for manual marking of the goods;
  • Production of sticker for labeling of automatic or semi-automatic way.

Zeus Group has modern flexo, which allows you to print stickers in bulk material in one pass, performing multiple tasks.

Production of stickers is done on a leaf or coil material. The size of the sheets with advertising stickers and external and internal diameter may vary depending on the client’s wishes.


Advantages of sticker labels

Printing of self-adhesive stickers lets you save time by applying the sticker labels to the product. No need to apply additional supplies makes the procedure more economical, simple and quick. Protective sticker and warranty stickers can be made in the form of holograms and additionally protect the goods against counterfeiting. In the case of a standard promo-actions to eliminate inventory balances, or when declaring the start of sales, you can buy stickers of standard design.