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In order to increase sales, order promo label. Chip shares is an efficient and effective marketing tool, which is spurring the purchasing power and allows you to increase sales in the desired period.

Zeus Group will produce advertising promo chips for pasting on booklets with shares.

Promotional stickers on a sheet, or promotional stickers in rolls -you choose the convenient format and the right amount of self-adhesive labels, promo.


How do promo label

The company, which carries out the action with promotional stickers, forcing buyers to collect promotional chips. Makes it very unobtrusive. Every customer who purchased the product for a certain amount, directly at the counter offer a set of printing:

  • A colorful brochure, which describes the details of and the essence of the action;
  • Directory of the drive where you want to paste the advertising promo chips. Here a list of goods for which there is a discount for promotional stickers, or items that can be obtained for free by changing them on the completed chips drive;
  • The first promo stickers in the quantities in which they rely to the client according to the amount of the cheque.

The scheme of work is very simple. Once the buyer go into the substance of the action directly at the box office, so he will take away all that puts it in the hands of the cashier, throws in with shopping bags, and understanding is already home. The first step is information already fell into the hands of potential buyers.


What schemes of work with promotional stickers are there

The pursuit of profit is the main incentive promotions with chips. Get the product at a significant discount or get any after all free-here is what causes a person to assemble, self-adhesive, promotional labels. Here comes into effect such an argument: I still buy every day products, why would this not work. These and enjoy the marketers, increasing the level of sales and the average size of each cheque.

Temporary restriction or campaign period is another obligatory condition under which promotional chips for pasting on booklets with shares will work: each buyer will try to manage to collect the necessary number of promotional stickers, to get the desired benefit, even buying that under normal circumstances, he would never have not purchased.


Self-adhesive stickers promo from the Zeus Group

Our company offers a huge range of promotional stickers. We will print for you promotional chips:

  • Any shapes: square, triangular, circular, polygonal, freeform;
  • Different sizes;
  • Different content: textual information, graphic, holograms, barcodes and qr codes;
  • On any material: on sheets or rolls;
  • With or without logging, with/without perforation.

Zeus Group offers printing of any product to conduct marketing actions and implement any decisions on proven and well-respected regimens, and new creative scenarios.