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Pocket calendars bearing the logo of the order
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Pocket calendar, Календари с логотипом

Pocket calendars are versatile and multifunctional printing products. Low cost it can solve multiple tasks, replacing other leaf mobile advertising.

In the Zeus Group you can order calendars and Pocket calendars the size you want.

Manufacturing of calendars-one of our activities, so we execute your order quickly, inexpensively and on a professional level. Print calendars provide digital and offset.


Pocket calendar to order

Standard size-7 cm to 10 cm. This is a classic small cards. On client’s request we zapečatyvaem Pocket calendars with one or from two parties, increasing the usable space. One side is used for applying corporate symbols, the second-for properties of the calendar grid. But there are other design options.

In addition to standard sizes, calendars can be of arbitrary shape and dimensions.

Calendars can be ordered in the form of squares, narrow strips, which are then used as bookmarks or bookmarks for diaries, account is also taken of other customers ‘ wishes.

Print calendars “Zeus Group performs at digital equipment or ofsetnom. It all depends on the size of the print run. Possible additional finishing during the manufacturing process of the calendars. It might be in size, cutting corners, varnishing, decorating glitter, perforation and a number of other designs. As a result of which you will receive unique calendars with a logo that will work for you the whole year.


Why use calendars to order

Printing calendars is a service, the most popular new year’s Eve. At this time most companies prepare festive gifts and souvenir business by next year. Pocket calendars occupy a worthy place in the set.

But the calendars can be used not only in the run-up to the Christmas and new year. They might well come up with an alternative application:

  • Print calendars can be ordered instead of manufacturing circulation of the leaflets. Your client first asks for the calendar, and then be sure to read your advertising;
  • Information cards can easily replace calendars with logo. For distribution to mailboxes, mailing address in envelopes, posting on information racks in stores and malls completely you can order calendars;
  • Pocket calendars look good even on serious dedicated exhibitions. Information placed on the calendar, longer on the eyes of the customer, than placed on any other form of printed products;
  • Calendars for order branding can be used as small gifts, handing them to each customer to your store.

Calendars with a logo will work for you the whole year and even longer, especially if you decorate the front side not only branding, but surely come up with exciting and interesting production design.