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What kind of packaging for pizza we offer
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Pizza boxes, упаковка из гофрокартона

Any company that prepares and sells pizzas, requires specialized packaging for pizza. This is an opportunity to offer customers a convenient service, longer maintain its products fresh and hot, and additionally advertise your company.

Zeus Group offers to order pizza boxes or buy pizza boxes wholesale.

We offer standard packaging for pizza and branded boxes made of corrugated cardboard. It is able to accurately pick up the packaging needs of your company.


What kind of packaging for pizza we offer

Packaging made of corrugated cardboard production “Zeus Group”, completely covers the need for any company in the packaging for pizza. We offer our clients:

  • Pizza boxes in Moscow. For the whole community, for halves, for individual slices;
  • Boxes made of corrugated cardboard for shipping companies and fast-food enterprises, serves takeaway;
  • Pizza boxes wholesale trade networks release their own products;
  • Substrate and triangles under the individual slices.

It is important for those who use pizza boxes in Moscow as additional advertising of your company, we recommend to order boxes with individual design. Buy pizza boxes ready, can those who just need an inexpensive but high-quality cardboard package.


Pizza boxes in Moscow

Zeus Group offers produce such cases that need your company. This may be cases of different sizes, formats and from different materials:

  • Corrugated packaging will help keep the product longer hot;
  • Pizza boxes-deliver pizzas from point of sale to the House;
  • Separate triangles can help conveniently convey or eat pizza for every client.

On request, made of corrugated cardboard packaging can be supplemented folgiruyuschim coating, which enhance thermal effect.


Advertising boxes made of corrugated cardboard

The simple white boxes of pizza for wholesale buying companies that do not need advertising. This large retail chains, for which the preparation and sale of pizza – just an additional service to customers. They personalize the packaging for pizza – it’s a waste of money.

And here are the companies that specialize in preparing and selling pizzas, including peddling in the format take away and delivery offer specialties, corrugated board boxes have to be branding. Your logo will attract the attention of random hallways and tells them about the existence of your company.