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Production of individual labels in order
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Customized labels are an integral part of successful marketing. Effective instrument for the protection of the whole lot of products, quality assurance and authenticity, as well as a guaranteed way to increase sales.

Order labels for their products you can in the Zeus Group.

Our printing house offers manufacture of labels for a variety of product categories, including scratch-off labels and promotional labels for promotion.


Print codes on labels

Manufacture of double-layer labels is an opportunity to make products more attractive. And individual labels is a new level of use of the label printing products.

You order the usual stickers for you, keeping the product dimensions and typical design.

The only difference between the two products is the codes on the labels. This technology allows you to create:

  • Promo labels;
  • Scratch Labels;
  • Labels for the stock.

Price labels, printed using modern technology unikalizatsii stickers will be much lower than the price labels, printed in the usual way, and then numbered manually.


Who can order label?

Zeus Group works with private and corporate clients. Therefore, the order of labels available to large manufacturing companies and individuals. The price on the label we will let you know once we know how much you need individual labels and what kind of information you want to put on them:

  • Alphabetic or cifirno-letter code, using the Cyrillic alphabet and Latin alphabet;
  • Textual information;
  • Perform item numbering using simple or combined cifirnogo designations;
  • Print codes on labels-barcode or QR-code;
  • Print graphics and images.

Labelling is only possible on modern equipment, which supports individual marking of each sticker. Additional “Zeus Group offers its customers manufacturing of two labels that are very useful when carrying out promotions. Important data is protected by a disposable label, which when opened will no longer stay on the product.

Alternative decision-making scratch-off labels, where secret information is hidden under a layer of washable, as in instant lotteries.

Such individual labels is a great way to spur sales and increase the interest of customers to products.