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Production of tubes and packaging under alcohol
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Packaging for alcohol, производство тубусов, упаковка для алкоголя

Cardboard tubes and plastic tubes-all varieties bottle packaging. Alcohol in gift wrapping always more attracted the attention of the customer his presentable and expensive appearance.

Zeus Group offers production of tubes for the needs of manufacturing companies and retail chains.

Production of tubes can be personalized and standardized.


Two types of alcohol packaging

In the manufacture of tubes with the needs and wishes of our customers. For each customer Zeus Group offers its version of the package.

  • Personalized production of tubes. In this case, each tube made of cardboard or plastic tube is applied the name brand of alcoholic products is brand information. Use the tube packaging for other types of alcoholic beverages cannot be. Claimed by small and large manufacturing companies for their own product line;
  • Uniform tubes production. Boxes of cardboard cores and tubes book outlets and large retail chains. Tube packaging for them-the same popular item, as the alcohol itself or a plastic bag. Tubes, cardboard, or plastic tubes they offer their customers who need gift wrapping under the alcohol. In this case, bottle boxes make impersonal, that allows you to put any alcohol products.

Alcohol in the gift wrapping is always in demand among buyers. Because it’s not just a bottle in a box, but this convertible currency, way of thanking or provide signs of attention.


Varieties bottle packaging

Zeus Group offers a wide range of tube-packaging. We print personalised and uniform boxes for bottles, as well as produce promotional packaging under the alcohol:

  • cardboard cores and tubes made of cardboard;
  • plastic tube;
  • Deaf boxes for bottles;
  • Bottle boxes with plastic Windows.

Box tube is another sphere of use. Ordering the production of tubes with branding, logo and corporate design, you form a versatile and reliable Gift Fund. Box for bottles with the company’s logo can be applied at any time when you need to give a present or gratitude to colleagues and business partners.