Printing branded notebooks with custom made logo
Notepads, Печать фирменных блокнотов

Notepads with applying branding-universal printing products, which can serve as souvenirs and stationery required for their staff. So big companies and corporations bought print branded notebooks directly in large quantities to keep in reserve the necessary amount of them.

If you choose a company from Moscow, which will make for you to order notepads, don’t waste your time, please contact the Zeus Group.

We know about printing everything. Therefore, high-quality products and a full range of related services.


Manufacture notepads for any task

Notebooks printing is carried out in the shortest possible time and in strict accordance with the specifications of the client. The company “Zeus Group” can produce as much cheap and budget model for diariesand representational products, which would be a worthy addition table leader.

Notepad with logo can perform different functions:

  • Replace or augment the diary;
  • Be a desktop notebook book;
  • Become a mobile companion, permanently settling in purse or Pocket;
  • Play the role of notebooks;
  • Be a personal diary.

Use depends on many factors. In particular, the size of the volume, type of binding, paper used for the cover and the inside unit, as well as additional options for design and décor.


How to order a Notepad in the “Zeus Group”

We undertake to carry out any orders, regardless of their complexity, cost and urgency. Order pads you can by phone, by electronic means or personally at our Office. To compile tehzadaniâ, you need to select the format of the product:

  • Notepads A4;
  • Notepads A5;
  • Notepads A6;

In addition to the typical sizes we are ready to print the shipment of non-standard notebooks, larger or smaller sizes, but you should consider that this kind of notebook price will be slightly higher than branded products.

The next parameter affects the cost of the Notepad is a type of cover. We offer the following options:

  • Staple the paper clips, one or more, depending on the size of the pad and the number of pages in a block;
  • Spiral notebook or Notepad on a spring;
  • Notepads with laminate cover;
  • Notebooks with different perforations;
  • Notepads on rings with interchangeable unit.

The last option is very convenient both for students and for people who do a lot of records.

Dear bessmennoj inside cover remains, and indoor unit is updated as necessary.

Printing branded notebooks always different placing of the logo on the cover and pages of products. And in this case, the inner block of pages may be added if desired logo.

Another good idea for making notebooks is supplemented by a Notepad with a pen. In this case, it will always be at hand when you want to record information.