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Loose-leaf calendar, напечатать календарь

Loose-leaf-calendar 2017-classic calendar printing. Handy and useful advertising medium Office attribute from which no company would.Therefore, changeover desk calendar is always present at the gift company’s portfolio.

The Zeus Group offers a print calendar in advance, making calendars is one of the main activities of the company.

Loose-leaf calendar for 2017 can be ordered now, to avoid the pre-Christmas rush and prepare for the holiday season.


What could be the loose-leaf-calendar 2017?

Loose-leaf calendar for all its simplicity, can be produced in several different ways. “Zeus Group” offers manufacturing of calendars the following types:

  • Table desk calendar, where each page – this quarter;
  • Table desk calendar, where each page – the month;
  • Wall calendar with changeover pages;
  • Loose-leaf calenda with pages, sealed on one side;
  • Loose-leaf calenda with two-sided printing.

It is also possible to print a calendar with a complex arrangement of pages where slides are not only neighborhoods but also every month in this quarter. On each page is not only the grid, but also takes a place for branding, company logo or other important information.


Calendar of the Zeus Group

2017 calendar can be printed any shape and any size. Toggle desktop calendars is the most common form of a triangle or calendar-House. Wall calendar more often resembles a rectangle. But it is possible and unconventional approach to manufacturing calendars.It all depends on the client’s wishes.

Table desk calendar and wall often gather in the spring, but it is also possible to mount the unit on the pages of the ring. perforation variant is also possible, but in this case, the calendar page after use will have to be removed, not just flip back, leaving the opportunity to go back to your notes and comments later time.

Manufacturing calendars may any circulation. We carry both small and large orders. Depending on the number of units, our managers will offer the most optimal variant printing- digital or offset printing. Thus, you will receive high quality products in the shortest possible time for a modest fee.