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Kraft paper bags, крафт-пакеты в Москве

Minimalistic design and completely environmentally friendly composition is the new trends in the world of packaging. Paper craft meets these requirements, so the Kraft packages in Moscow became very popular for use in various fields.

Zeus Group produces any Kraft packaging and offers to buy the Kraft packages in Moscow.

We create a wide range of products, from simple packaging bags, to real masterpieces-branded packages Kraft logo is placed using a special technology.


What is the difference between the Kraft paper bags from similar products

Kraft paper is one of the safest and most environmentally friendly materials that are used to create packages. It is made from wood is a natural resource to be recovered, and in the process of making kraft paper in composition is added to a minimum and additional components. Use Kraft packaging you can as for foodstuffs and general-purpose products.

The company, whose activities are tightly connected with the protection of the environment, the struggle for the environment Wednesday, had long refused to use plastic bags, opting for paper crafting.

Modern equipment allows producing Kraft bags white. Shade material is no different from the standard coated paper. And there, where there is a white base, heavily expanded print capabilities, so the logo on the Kraft packages can now look very smoothly and vividly.


Buy Kraft packages in Moscow

“Zeus Group” Group offers its customers a finished products warehouse, in this case, buy the Kraft packages, you can in a matter of hours. And if you need a logo on the craft, then Kraft packages need to print under the order. You can order Kraft bags of the following types:

  • Kraft packing bags for shopping, food and non-food goods;
  • Small craft-packages for piece and bulk products that are sold by weight;
  • Packages of kraft paper with transparent inserts. Promo-window can be of any size and shape.

In addition, Kraft bags can be supplemented with various options of handles-textiles, twine, paper. It is also possible to print the batch Kraft bags without handles. In this case, the edge of the package remains open, or wrapped twist method.

You can buy in Moscow Kraft packages model design or branded products. In this case, the logo on the craft will be delivered in accordance with your specification.