Journals printing at a commercial printing service in Moscow
Journals, печать журналов

Effective marketing element and part of the corporate culture is all about glossy publications. Journals printing at a commercial printing service is the possibility to order a high-quality printed products, which little will be different from the top publications.

Zeus Group offers manufacturing journalss from scratch, including the development of a design journals, journals layout and printing of journalss in any edition.

Print glossy journalss is your opportunity to promote company’s products and services, improve the corporate culture or the loyalty of clients and partners to your firm.


Design Journal: from design to realization

To print the journals in typography, you will run the volume part works. Namely, the design journals. This is its appearance and shape, which will persist from number to number. Competently created design journal next step is much easier layout of the journals as well as makes a simple and straightforward process of gathering information and publications for each number.


Layout journals

This stage of processing and preparation for publication of the collected information. Layout of the journal is required each time you prepare to print a new number. Layout of the journal should be done only by professionals, as is due to many factors, depending on how to print journalss.


Print journal

There are two technologies that you can print journals in Moscow. This is:

Some of the options for printing glossy journalss to choose depends on the size of the print run. The greater the number of copies you want to print, the more profitable it will order offset printing method. If print journalss in typography requires a small amount, then it is more expedient to stay on a digital mode.


Choice of material

Print journals in typography can be on different paper. This is a significant impact on cost, as each unit and the entire run. There is a dense and thin paper, glossy and easy, with a rough surface. May also vary the sheets used for the indoor unit and the cover.

Save on print run journalss, choosing less expensive paper, the smaller size of the finished product, as well as a modest version of cover and post-printing processing.

If you don’t know how to meet the budget allocated, without spoiling the quality of the finished products, the Entrust production of journalss “Zeus Group”. Our specialists will help you develop and print journals in Moscow fully meets your criteria. We produce both products for corporate use and use for marketing purposes.