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Invitation cards | Postcards, печать приглашении

Wedding invitations, anniversary companies and birthdays of friends and family, print invitations to various events-all this is one of the important stages of the Organization of any event.

The company Zeus Group invites to take part in these troubles on himself.

Making invitations is our job, therefore, design, layout, printing and cutting will be done efficiently and on time.

Invitations for private and corporate clients

Order invitations in “Zeus group can any client. We develop and print invitations in any volume. You want to hold the wedding on 20 people, or a gala evening dedicated to professional day, which rent the Auditorium a few thousand seats? Invitation card will help you collect the guests and solve the problem of gatekeeping.

Wedding invitations: design and print

Wedding cards are considered to be one of the most difficult types of invitation printing products. Wedding invitations should not simply to convey information to the guests, but also charge them with mood and atmosphere that you want to convey to visitors the newlyweds. Accordingly, such products and design, choice of materials and postprinting processing and decor are of utmost importance.

Anniversary invitation

Another significant variation cards-invitations-invitation to the Jubilee. However, to its development are more formally. To convey information to the addressee is the main objective of such postcards: where will take place, how many, how much, and who’s the culprit. So invitations to order can be executed using simpler materials.

Corporate invitation cards

Used to alert employees, partners, as well as honored employees, already in retirement, receptions, corporate events, banquets, exhibitions, seminars and other public events. Printing of invitations here can solve two problems at once:

  • Inform guests about the event;
  • Organize a system of controls at the entrance.

Order invitations can be impersonal, and solo, where will the personal appeal to guest on the family name, first name and patronymic. Also it is possible to produce invitations with inserts where Freehand fits the addressee.

Order invitation or buy ready made

Individual approach allows you to more accurately address the challenges posed by the client. In this case, invitation cards will be performed for the paper you choose, the content that you need, and will also be decorated according to your requirements. But it takes time.

If the timing is running short, then you can buy ready-made invitations.

Universal design in a wide range of finished products allows to choose wedding invitations and invitations to an anniversary most accurately match your views on the invitation cards. And personal liner or print directly on postcards will appeal to every guest personally.