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Production of holographic stickers and labels holograms
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наклейки с логотипом компании. Stickers with logo, изготовление наклеек на стекло, Stickers on glass, термоусадочная этикетка, Sleeve label, самоклеящиеся этикетки, Self-adhesive label, рекламные стикеры, Promotional stickers, рекламные фишки, Promo label, индивидуальные этикетки, Personalized label, Голографические стикеры, Holographic stickers, Double-sided label, этикетка двухслойная,

A striking and unusual appearance is a private feature that distinguishes stickers and holographic stickers. Manufacture warranty stickers and seals-stickers for 80% of this type of product.

Zeus Group offers the manufacture warranty stickers and stickers-hologram for any purpose.

Protective hologram used for labelling of food and non-food commodities, and warranty stickers are placed on any appliances and electronics. Therefore, customization service stickers may be relevant for any company.


What is holographic stickers

Type the name and the product introduction, which differs from analogues by its unique optical properties. Holographic stickers are overflowing with an obverse surface, which changes depending on the angle of view. Stickers-hologram from each batch are unique, so repeat or fake warranty stickers-stickers is very difficult. Hence the specific and very broad scope of use security holograms.


With holograms

Advertising and marketing industry relies heavily on technology to produce a hologram:

  • Seals-stickers for posting directly to products, such as fixing a variety of covers and hatches leading to the product;
  • Warranty stickers for marking warranty books and coupons;
  • Protective hologram that prevents unpacking prior to purchase;
  • Stickers-hologram for focus on products, as part of the label.

Most often, the manufacture and use of holograms for packaging its products manufacturers employ household appliances, electronics, various medications, household chemicals, cosmetics and Perfumery.


Technology of manufacture warranty stickers

Zeus Group uses on its production of different manufacture stickers. For manufacturing holograms require professional equipment:

This allows you to receive warranty stickers with different optical effects, including warranty stickers-stickers without picture with rainbow effect, seals-stickers in the form of spheres, warranty stickers with three-dimensional effect, stickers-hologram with a prismatic effect, protective hologram shapes or drawings, warranty stickers with the effect of fish scales.