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Food packaging, одноразовая упаковка

Disposable food packaging and products

The successful conclusion of the goods on the market and sales start depends not only on the price and quality of the product. Food-packaging plays an important role in this respect. Make a product attractive and visible on the shelves of hypermarkets, resistant to transport and storage in a trading Hall will help food packaging and products.

Zeus Group is an experienced manufacturer of food packaging and offers you any kind of food packaging with mandatory sign food-packaging.

Trading companies, manufacturing firms, businesses catering for every customer, we will select suitable disposable food-packaging.


Types of food packaging

Any food, disposable packaging can be bright and attractive. To do this, “Zeus Group” uses all the possibilities of the modern printing equipment. We are engaged in the manufacture of food-packaging the following types:

  • Soft paper food-packaging-packages, bags, paper and fabric elements;
  • Rigid packaging-food containers, jars and tubes of metal, wooden boxes, trays, baskets, barrels, glass bottles and jars, polymeric barrels and boxes;
  • Blown packaging-bottles and jars of various thermoplastics;
  • Packaging materials from the gas-filled materials-termoustojčivye trays, tins, containers;
  • Combined packaging-flow-and skin packaging, shrink and stretch film, “Vitello”, blister packing.

Food packaging production is strictly regulated by the applicable Standards and that, therefore, each package of food goods includes character food packaging. This guarantees that the manufacturers of food packaging is not used to create disposable packaging for foodstuffs harmful or unacceptable substances.


Modern food-packaging technology

Along with proven cardboard food-packaging and paper packaging for food products, the “Zeus Group” offers production of food-packaging to meet modern market demands. Among the types of food packaging occupy a special place:

  • Aseptic food-packaging products. Polythene, paper and aluminium allow you to create reliable packaging which prolongs the life of the product and enables long-term storage of products without preservatives;
  • Vacuum food, disposable packaging. To create a variety of materials are used. Great for packaging meat and fish products, can significantly extend the shelf life of the product;
  • Food packaging containers with modified Wednesday. The technology is similar to the vacuum method, but instead of air for packaging adds a special mixture of gases. By using this method are better preserved the beneficial properties of the product and it is considerably slower than spoils. This type of food-packaging is more commonly used for vegetables and fruits.

Any modern food-packaging-cardboard or vacuum hard or soft, today necessarily produced a bright and attractive. It is necessary that the consumer noticed the goods among diversity and wanted to buy it. The packaging is not the only way to preserve the freshness of the product, but also an effective marketing tool that helps increase sales and raise the earnings of the company. Food packaging sign must be posted on each production unit. This is a guarantee of quality and safety of products.