Folders, Изготовление папок

Production of folders, from design to printing

Corporate folder is not only an element of corporate identity, but also a necessary tool when conducting business. Office and accounting records must be kept in a strict order that and help implement paper folders and plastic drives.

“Zeus Group” proposes to use for these purposes are not faceless product and logo folder.

This will help your company improve customer loyalty to the brand and develop corporate culture. Besides, paper folder can be used as souvenirs or product presentation while communicating with partners or customers.


Print and design folders

Making folder with logo is an interesting and exciting process. Even the standard cardboard folder can be turned into a bright and attractive Office attributes make gray weekday managers and lifting the mood of visitors.

Our specialists work with any materials, which allows us to provide you with a wide range of products:

If making folders from the usual materials claimed in offices, accounting, warehouse terminals, archives and repositories, the design folder and from unusual materials book cafes, bars and restaurants, creative studios and entertainment centers that seek to stand out, to emphasize your style and individuality.

Print and design folders is limited only by the choice of material. Each model can be supplemented with various accessories.

Very often customers want to buy a folder with pockets and compartments. Importance and Variant cover. Folders on the rings with clip, with files, folder are used in Office Wednesday.


Options for use with logo

Record-keeping and archiving-only one of the options for using corporate folders. Printing of folder large numbers ordered in preparation for exhibitions and seminars. Corporate folder is a very convenient way to Nice and presentable to formalize the handout, just tuck all papers and promotional items to folder with the logo.

Cardboard folders can act as corporate gifts.

They are used for packaging of diplomas, letters, promotions and other premium products, which is handed over to customers, employees or partners. For example, real estate agencies and large companies, providing a variety of services in paper folders with logo placed signed the contract on rendering of services, warranties, and other documents related to the transaction.

Therefore, the manufacture of folder-branded mandatory position in the list of printed products “Zeus Group”.