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Fast food packaging, упаковка для фаст-фуда

Paper bags and packaging for fast food

Each dish fast food requires individual packaging. Noodle boxes, paper bags, containers and cases-all necessary businesses offering goods immediately for consumption and trading companies.

Buy paper bags can be in the “Zeus Group”, as well as packaging for fast food in Moscow.

Paper packaging for fast-food allows individual package each product name, to make it convenient for transportation and meals. And we offer you not only convenient and practical to solve this question, but also aesthetically pleasing.


Packaging for fast food for every taste

Fast food in Moscow is an entire culture of catering, which has an own hierarchy has its own rules and etiquette. Each dish is provided for its packaging, and the “Zeus Group” offers to order packaging for fast food in Moscow in accordance with established traditions:

  • Noodle boxes;
  • Individual cases and boxes for hamburgers and sandwiches;
  • Cardboard packages for integrated proposals;
  • Paper bags to buy French fries or Donuts separately;
  • Paper bags for collection of the order;
  • Cups of varying capacity.

If you plan to develop a brand new dish and make it proprietary sales hit, the “Zeus Group” offersto produce paper packaging for fast-food to order specifically for your needs.


The benefits of branded packaging for fast-food restaurants in Moscow

Wrap the Hamburger, fries Pack and pour coffee into a simple white paper and faceless plastic cup. But in this case, fast-food packaging will not work for you as an advertising medium. Cardboard packages for fast-food, designed properly, according to marketers, significantly increase the appeal of the product, and enhance client willingness to buy and try the proposed dish.

Paper bags are perfect to advance the brand. Customers voluntarily advertise your company when bear your order in brendirovannom for fast food.

Faceless fast food packaging is often inconvenient. Products, wrapped in a simple sheet of paper, often lose their attractive appearance. And special trunks, briefcases, boxes packaging for individual slices are much better job of keeping dishes. Another feature of paper packaging for fast food in Moscow, so at any time to collect the remaining lunch and take it with you. The possibility of transforming packaging for fast-food and paper bags is very valuable in the face of a major metropolis and accelerated pace of life.