Envelopes, конверты с логотипом,

Print and design envelopes, custom manufacturing

Corporate envelopes is a great way to show respect for its customers and partners. Always nice to get personalized products with targeted treatment, rather than faceless envelope Mail of Russia. Opening the box and seeing the envelope with logo, immediately clear who the sender is.

The company “Zeus Group” will help you to raise the status of correspondence, the success of firms and the effectiveness of address dispatch.

Print and design envelope is one of directions of our activity.


Envelopes for mailings

Envelopes with logo needed for companies that engage in regular e-mail newsletters. It may be sending business correspondence or distributing leaflets and catalogs of their products with the purpose of their further sale.

Standard envelopes for mail is a white plain products with templates to host addresses and stamps. And envelopes to order is the ability to make packaging for mail what you imagined her present.


Envelope with logo for courier delivery

Order envelopes can be not only for sending information by mail, but also for delivery to the addressee directly into your hands. So apply documents, directories and periodical specialized periodicals. Them directly in the offices of the Organization delivered by a courier.

Plus this envelope that it not be strict requirements for razlinovke and marking as to Mail envelopes to Russia.

It is sufficient that they specify a sender and receiver, as well as they protect a nested information.


Print envelopes for promotional purposes

Any kind of printing products can turn into an advertising medium. Making envelope is not an exception. Postcard-envelope can replace the classic flyer or leaflet, and the envelope is tell a lot about your company.

In addition, you can order prints of your envelope for presentation purposes:

  • Pack card;
  • Seal the invitation;
  • Gift certificates.

Order envelope can be and for special situations, for example, to declare a winner on stage, Festival or contest. Instead of the mail envelope in the hands of leading activities should be the original design envelope, where you want to store cherished results.


Order envelope in Moscow

“Zeus Group” prints and envelope design of any complexity. We can order envelope with the company logo, envelope with corporate information or Classic Mail envelopes of Russia.

Depending on the wishes of the client, each instance can be supplemented with removable adhesive tape, processed by glutinous structure, have a transparent inserts and Windows for information. Custom-made envelopes can be made from paper and cardboard, as well as plastic of varying thickness. In order to clarify the value of the entire run, contact our managers. The final price they will call after updating your settings: color, quantity, urgency, and other factors.