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paper bags, Enamel paper bags, пакеты из мелованной бумаги,

Gift packages from coated papers to order

Pack products for exhibitions, build materials that will be distributed at conferences and symposiums, fold purchase customers, deliver corporate gifts and presents to partners and staff, establish a Fund.

Zeus Group offers to solve all problems at once, simply order packages of coated paper.

This kind of printing and packaging products at the same time will always be relevant in a small company or a large corporation. Paper bags with a logo look presentable and solidly, and are inexpensive.


Coated packages from the “Zeus Group”

Most of our buyers are becoming smaller companies and huge corporations. Every year, these clients trust us to create and maintain a Gift Fund for his firm. We always have a professional approach in the implementation of each order, while maintaining high quality, despite the reasonable prices. Production of packages with the logo of the confirmation of the rule.

Zeus Group produces tailor-made packages accurately translating your wishes into reality. We bright and creative approach to the creation of paper bags and introducing a non-standard solution of common tasks. On the basis of the client’s wishes and technical requirements, we will help you choose the most suitable raw materials for printing paper packages:

  • To create high quality paper bags with a logo, used coated paper, is considered the best sheet density 170-220 Gr. The smaller paper bags, the less dense paper can be used. The more paper bags, the denser should be paper products to withstand a significant mass;
  • Gift packages are almost always have an extra layer of lamination. This allows you to make the product more attractive and stronger. Lamination can prolong the life of the package to protect cardboard from the destructive influence of atmospheric precipitation, dust and solar radiation;
  • Gift packages are available with different types of handles. “Zeus Group offers products bečevočnymi handles and textile. It is also possible to manufacture cutting packets handles. To strengthen the mounting rope handles to a package, they Additionally glue the special tape or insert eyelets.


Design paper bags

Bespoke packages provide an opportunity for firms to realize all their ideas. Coated paper is perfect for covering the entire surface of the print. With this move the image can be in any way- digital, offset or flexographic printing. Print on coated paper is carried out efficiently, without problems and no restrictions.

Packages of coated paper easy to turn into a bright and creative mobile advertising, easily adopting its surface images, pictures, graphics, authentic or just a company logo. And experienced designer can help arrange interesting package, emphasizing its form or beating slot for the handle or knob itself.

Packages of coated paper is a great way to passive advertising firm. Your customers and partners will demonstrate everywhere the company logo, showing it to hundreds of bystanders, increasing its visibility and loyalty of prospective buyers.