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Two-sided label: how to order labels on bottles?

We know how to put all the legal information on the label without sacrificing design and ergonomics. Two-sided label on bottles is a long-awaited compromise, which allows to observe legal requirements without sacrificing attraction products.

Production of labels is a service that offers its clients the “Zeus Group”.

The labels on the bottles, labels, labels on double-sided vodka and other food and non-food liquid can be ordered in our typography.


Features double-sided label

Maximally attractive and informative to issue product will help bilateral labels on bottles. Especially winnable this type of product on the transparent packaging-glass bottles and vials and containers from a tinted plastic.

Particularly clear film serves as a framework. Labelling implies the existence of an obverse and reverse side. The first layer can be sealed immediately. This two-sided label side facing directly to the buyer. The second print layer is created on the back side. It will be visible to the consumer through packaging and contents.

Depending on the type label on the bottle, such products are used for the labelling of cosmetic means, perfumery, similar technology made labels on vodka.


Own production labels

The company “Zeus Group has the necessary equipment for production of labels. Double-sided labels on bottles we offer are of two types:

  • Double-sided labels on a transparent basis. In this case, on the other side of the labels before printing the image sprayed opaque layer, which prevents you from one picture to another, even through to exude when viewed on the light;
  • Double-sided labels based on self-adhesive stickers. In this case, the print image is directly iznanočnogo to glutinous composition.

These technologies enable you to create high-quality products, which produces bright and positive image of any product.


How to order labels?

Price labels depends on many factors. To make a reservation, learn the approximate cost by phone or via online communication with our Manager. The price labels will affect:

  • Dimensions of products;
  • How to print;
  • Type of labels;
  • Size of circulation;
  • The need for additional treatment;
  • The urgency of manufacturing.

The exact cost to order labels you will learn after making detail tehzadaniâ. We have a huge portfolio, so order labels you can with full confidence that order will be made qualitatively and in time.