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LDPE bags, Die cut bags, пакеты с прорубленной ручкой

HDPE bags with die-cut handle on demand

HDPE packs is more presentable and aesthetic than low-pressure polyethylene packages. But, despite this, they do not replace packages t-shirts, and occupied their niche, organically one in an existing market. HDPE bags with the logo of the order of the company very different profile.

Zeus Group manufactures HDPE packs under the order and offers to buy packages with die-cut handle from a warehouse of finished products.

We print large and small parties, responsible approach to performance of each order. Packages notching our production is always an effective marketing tool that can be used by your company in a variety of situations.


Who orders packages with die-cut handle

LDPE bags with a logo used by firms to solve a variety of tasks. Manufacture of polyethylene bags takes into account all the needs of our clients and offering them a perfect product with a unique design. Bright, stretchy, soft, durable-everything is undeniable dignity of package with prorubnoj handle.

Ordering the production of plastic bags, the client first and foremost, orders effective non-intrusive advertising of your company. Making a purchase once, P.A. packs with the logo have been exploited for a very long time. And all this time the mobile media demonstrates the random passers-by to your brand.

Buy plastic bags often wish and as a standalone product. They are widely used in everyday life. Punching bags with handles very compactly fold long retain a presentable appearance and very often come to the rescue in a variety of situations. In this case, choosing the bags with die-cut handle, buyers pay attention to an interesting design.


Manufacture of polyethylene bags in the “Zeus Group”

Our equipment enables the production of HDPE packs, to the extent that the products needed by the employer. We undertake the circulations of all sizes and produce bags with die-cut handle such forms, which are required under the brief:

  • Small cutting packages for jewelry;
  • Small bags with handles for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies;
  • Medium bags with die-cut handle for clothes and linen boutiques;
  • Jumbo BAG with logo for different trade enterprises;
  • Huge packages with prorubnoj handle for toy stores and hypermarkets of household appliances and electronics.

In addition to trading companies, P.A. packs with the logo of the company bought to replenish the Gift Fund and in preparation of the company for exhibitions and presentations. Bags with handles are very useful for the formation of the individual handouts.