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calendar-House, Календарь домик

Table desk calendar-house order

Table calendar-House not only helps you see exactly the date and day of the week, but also decorate your workspace. This image thing, which should not only contain the necessary calendar grid, but also stand out bright and memorable design.

Zeus Group prints calendars to order, and is ready to develop and produce a corporate calendar for your company.

Calendar-House co can be used in its Office, giving customers and partners to present at the exhibition as presentation transfer products. Even competitors give desktop calendar with your logo is not considered a sign of bad tone.


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Competently developed and professionally printed corporate calendar will bring more benefits than most other printing products , promotional. Everything is explained very simply. Calendar works 365 days a year. Every day advertising content on its sides are visible to potential customers. Will see, taken up, examine, twirl in different directions-it just does not remain without attention.

Calendar-House is sealed with one hand a sheet of cardboard or heavy paper.

In order to turn it into a desktop calendar House, you have to connect the two edges of the sheet folding product on prescribed lines, giving it the shape of a triangle.

Zeus Group offers three types of corporate calendars-houses:

  • Simple desktop calendar-House, which has one base and two working surfaces. They can be used by the client at its discretion: the one place all the calendar grid, but on the other, proprietary information, or divide the grid into two sheet, complementing branding;
  • Table calendar-changeling. In this case, the desktop calendar-House has not two but three working surface, each of whom posted the relevant information, including branding or calendar grid;
  • Table calendar 2011. In this case, the classic triangle supplemented by sheet-metal block. The number of pages it represents the number of quarters or months. This block can be mounted on a spring.

Order calendars are produced in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the clients. Calendar-House or calendar can be standard or arbitrary sizes, as well as to pass any postečatnuû processing. Also the “Zeus Group” offers interesting solutions, for example, combine desktop calendar with frame for photos, supplement it with clamps for notes or stand for grips.