/Design paper bags
Design paper bags, пакеты из дизайнерской бумаги

Packets for gifts of designer paper

Design packages are unique products, which differs with refinement and taste. If you need a pack of paper, not similar to everyone else, instead of the standard melovki use designer cardboard. Then the gift bags and souvenirs will really stand out among all the varieties of similar positions.

Zeus Group offers to manufacture paper design packages to order any circulation.

Designer paper packages will vary expensive appearance, special texture design cardboard, as well as colors or prints. As a rule, such products are bought by small circulations and are used for special occasions.


Why use paper design packages

The scope of design packages is almost the same as packets of coated paper. The main difference is that the price of such a product is significantly higher than the package of paper. And that means above and its status, relevance, better aesthetic properties.

If simple packages from melovki you can print large circulations and use for mass distribution at promotions and exhibitions, designer paper packages were reserved for special occasions: dignitaries, important clients and partners.

Use these packets for gifts, delivery of important documents or merchandise, if the transfer of the company’s catalogs or stories about the possibilities of the enterprise. Even give meaningful and memorable gift Senior Manager is appropriate.


The possibility of design Board

Unique properties of expensive gift bags gives, above all, the material-designer cardboard. This paper with special characteristics and appearance. It has many colors and shades, texture and texture differs, can simulate various materials:

  • Be silky to the touch;
  • Have a velvety surface;
  • Repeat the figure of the skin of reptiles;
  • Different pitted and rough surface.

In this paper the design packages can be arranged in a variety of ways. Any kind of printing, sselkotransfernyj transfer of images, embossing on paper, including the use of foil-the options are many. For example, branding packages for gifts and company logo on surface design cardboard can be performed using the method of embossing on paper.

Production design packs quite a painstaking and nebystroe matter, so ordering such products worth in advance not to overpay for urgency. The average term of manufacturing of the small party paper design packages is approximately 15 business days, but is possible and the exception to the rule in the case of a small load of equipment.