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Print catalog in Moscow low cost

Print catalog in Moscow book company who need to prepare for participation in the exhibition, upgrade Fund presentation and promotional products, to develop souvenir printing.

Zeus Group offers manufacturing directories of any complexity.

Print directories-the ability to vividly and in detail tell customers about their products and possibilities of its use. To do this, individually developed catalog design, catalog layout is performed, and then prints the directory.


How to make a directory

To order a catalog and make it successful and effective, it is necessary to properly decide on his appointment. Or rather-correctly specify the range of tasks that it will solve. Today, you can order a print directory of 3 types:

  • Advertising Directory;
  • Image catalog;
  • Periodic catalogue.

The company “Zeus Group” knows how to make a successful catalog and will gladly share their experiences with each client.


Advertising Directory

You can order the catalogue to tell your clients about your company’s goods and products. In the catalogs can be represented and services firm. The emphasis in such publications focuses on the dignity of the product and the benefits of cooperation with the company, describes in detail all the advantages and benefits that will get consumers.


Image catalog

Another name-corporate. Order a catalogue of such subjects can be for a detailed presentation of the company. If you need to tell about their capabilities to clients or partners, to reach a new level of development, the image or corporate directory-this is what you need. It must have information about:

  • The company’s history and today’s situation;
  • Corporation mission, philosophy and home business concept;
  • The company’s goals and objectives;
  • Network of shops, offices and representative offices;
  • The success of the company, demonstrating growth and achievement of the goals;
  • Employees of the company.

Catalog design this results in a completely different way than in the preparation of promotional products. Image catalog is a great gift for the anniversary of the company, as well as souvenir products for partners and important customers.


Periodic catalogue

Making directories in a format that is appropriate for companies who have regularly updated items or prices. Many companies have learned to combine periodic and advertising directories. This way of presentation of products allows not only to acquaint with assortment of client, but also gives him the opportunity to immediately make an order. Print directories in Moscow is a very effective marketing tool.