Booklets, печать буклетов

Booklets printing and production of booklets to order

Booklets is a way to convey to clients or partners fairly voluminous information about the capabilities of the company or its products. Cost of the booklet is considerably lower than a small brochure or catalog, and efficiency is in no way a multi-page products. Besides, unlike leaflets and flyers smart booklet design allows you to submit information in a very affordable and attractive form.

«Zeus Group» offers to order booklets for exhibitions and presentations.

You can print booklets for distribution at trade shows, placing on racks, as well as for sending mail.


Evrobuklet size and classic brochure

Booklet design and layout will vary depending on the type of product. This may be a classic leaflet or evrobuklet A4. The main difference is the size evrobukleta and booklet. Product based on an A4 sheet which folded in various ways:

  • Print evrobukletov implies adding a sheet of A4 three times till the sizes 110х220 mm;
  • When manufacturing leaflets folding options can be absolutely different, including one, thinking and more folds.

Before you print a booklet, a booklet design and layout chosen booklet. Information when printing evrobukletov distributed, taking into account the availability of three business zones and six advertising surfaces. The filing sequence is necessary to keep the data, store the logic and drama.


How to order booklets

To print a booklet, you need to correctly explain the pros challenge. If you are in a professional slang, voice in simple words what the finished booklet and reveal information that should be taken into account when designing booklet.

Managers and designers can ask you about the following parameters:

  • Sheet size-the basics. Depending on the number of folds and placed information volume. For evrobukleta-A4 prerequisite.Booklet design can be simple and on a sheet A3, A5 and A6.
  • Number of folds. To order booklets, you need to submit, how many times will a leaf. The easiest booklet has 2 fold, the complex is limited by the imagination of the designer;
  • Fal′covok options. Cost of the booklet directly depends on the complexity of the folding is an order or direction of the addition worksheets. Leaflet can be folded book, window, zigzag, accordion, snail and in other ways.

Also possible counter, cross and parallel folds.


What determines the cost of the booklet

If you need to, to print booklets cheap then you should come out, enjoy the simplest products. The price will be low, and leaflets efficiency completely similar more expensive products. In General, there are several rules of this type of printing:

  • For mass distribution and mass promotions, you can order the booklet printing, offset-printing. Because here important quantity: the more booklets will be handed out, the greater the effect can be expected;
  • To participate in exhibitions and presentations better order booklets of higher quality. For this you can use more expensive paper, refined design and complex layout. Since you are already working and talking with potential clients, rather than bystanders. And good quality printing can help you demonstrate its seriousness;
  • For distribution by mail, you can print booklets cheaper, so in this case is very important, and yet the weight of sent mail.

The larger the quantity, the lower the cost of the booklet. “Zeus Group” offers special conditions when ordering large quantities of products.